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Women Healing Together ~ {re} Connecting to your healing potential. Learn the WHY behind symptoms.

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your busy mind, life situations, and experiencing physical symptoms afterwards, like belly aches?

I totally understand how you feel... yes, it can be so challenging these days to stay present and inner connected in a fast-paced life, especially in this past year with the global pandemic ,and the many changes that affected us all personally and professionally.

And... did you try different ways to get to the root cause trying to help yourself  by looking for new ways of being more grounded in your body-mind so you can experience more health and vitality?   

I'll share with you what I'm seeing, and how I can support you,  

I see that we are both human and being, but we mostly focus on the Human aspect, that is the doing in us and forget to connect with our Being, our soul/spirit aspect, that life force that inspires all that we are.  Realizing this we can find a balance between Human (doing) and Being, and this can increase the core life energy source that animates all that you are, and as a result this increases the body's functional health state. 

I have spent more than three decades in the healing arts helping so many people release stress, physical pain, and reconnect with Being present through bodywork.  After all that's happened this past year, I decided to learn and integrate root-cause based health coaching, and mind-body trainings and skills I know to support women in their journey of self-transformation by creating this online space.

I invite you to join Core Transformation, so that together we can explore ways to become healthier, heart-centered, and consciously move towards what we care about most with more vitality and inner connection, an increased sense of belonging to a greater whole, and Being with the life force that animates all that we are.  We can do this, together!

Your body is the vessel by which the life force, that is, soul/spirit expresses itself.

We are an online learning space and community that supports WOMEN WITH STRESS + DIGESTIVE HEALTH ISSUES looking to explore their connections between their bodies, minds and spirits, gaining new skills and practices to restore and revitalize their digestive systems, and engage in open and meaningful conversations as they learn to embody a new way of Being so that they can be present, calm, and uplifted to improve overall health and embody their most authentic selves.

WELCOME! We're so glad you're here!

About Us

We created and organized Core Transformation with care to support and connect with women like you looking for holistic health solutions and deeper connections with self and others.

We facilitate learning about stress, digestive health, self-transformation and self-healing through resources, live courses, meditation, embodiment practices and support through deeper conversations, sharing, and more.  

We also offer group and private transformative health coaching. 

Our promise - to provide a welcoming community and learning environment where we can all have safe and meaningful conversations, skillful and restorative practices guided towards self-transformation and self-healing where all can feel supported to learn, transform and grow together!

Here at Core Transformation You'll Find:

  Monthly Themes ~ Workshops & Courses ~ 
Group Practices & Coaching 

Here are some of the topics & monthly themes:
  • Core elements of transformation
  • Recognizing and transforming conditioned tendencies and habits
  • The root causes and transformation for digestive issues
  • Organ-Mind-Brain connection and root cause analysis for self-healing
  • Core principle of harmony and healing
  • Transformative self-awareness practices and skills of embodiment
  • Self-care and self-massage practices
  • and more
These are some practices and group work:
  • Weekly 60 min. Office Hours to connect and clarity practices
  • Weekly 90 min. Live zoom Group Practices (theme based)
  • Monthly Themes will be given to engage in deeper conversations and transformations through the month.
  • Some practices and skills that will be presented to cultivate include: somatic (through the body), self-care (meditation, self-massage..), and others.
Learn more with available Courses & Workshops: 

Some courses will be available in the main network and others will be offered at a member price. They will be available to support your self-transformation and healing.

Join Us!

Hello, I'm Madelin, your host at Core Transformation

I'm a believer that when two or more like-minded women come together in community to support each other, self-growth becomes easier and lighter!

 We are social beings, and a community of women like this one can feel very supportive as we enter a journey of transformation and healing.

 I would be honored to share this journey and space with you! Together we can learn and nourish one another sharing our hearts, experiences, ideas, values and more, and to feel uplifted as we connect with what we care about the most in our life so we can all experience a healthier, nourished and inspired life!

I look forward to getting to know you and growing together! 

Join us! I look forward to meeting you inside!

- Madelin Semper, LMBT - Your Host
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